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Champion Computers Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:208 and 14001 certified IT Company which is committed to legitimizing Indian IT and communication monopoly across the entire cosmos. Synoptic set of innovative software and services under the brand name of Champion to address the dynamic exigency of the strong nationwide distribution network. The persuasion that customer satisfaction is the only key element to success, garner a vast base of clients and assist to effectuate higher goals. A 28 years old market leader relishes a strong brand salience with the perfect amalgamation of its technology and process expertise.

India’s major integral part of IT and telecom industry commenced its journey in 1988 and emerged as the major brand with its quality services. With an advancement in technologies, the squad of our professionals liberalized India’s IT sector with the launch of its first desktop under the brand name of the champion in 1994. This miraculous masterpiece enlivens us to come up with series of products in every consecutive year like the laptop in 1995, IT peripherals in 1996, Distribution of Seagate in 1997, AMD Distribution in 1998, Intel distribution in 1999 and many more. This long journey of dedications pays off and in 2000 we are the only IT brand shops for Samsung launches and become national distributer of Samsung in 2001. With each passing year, we form the close tie with both quality and productivity and successful to launch champion notebook tablet in 2012. Our integration with BSNL is demoniac for IT sector as it gives BSNL Champion co-branded Tablet and mobile in 2013. All these effortless tasks commute this establishment and give a chance to manufacture own mobile accessories in 2014